What makes your photo booth service better than competitors?

Great question! The short answer is top quality with leading value.

The long answer, there are many aspects that set us apart:
1. We use a high quality DSLR Camera and lens for quality images
2. We use lighting designed to enhance your beauty and looks
3. Your guest don’t have to wait as long for their prints, as we use one of the fastest sub dye printers available. (what is sub dye printing? Please see other question)
4. Our quality prints are designs to last. No drying, no smudging, or streaking of colours to worry about. The prints will stay looking great longer and they are more resistant against fading than with inkjet prints.
5. Our photo booth has been designed from the ground up, and been tested and refined. This means with engineering and photographic expertise, our photo booths are optimized to deliver quality results.
6. Our service and photo booths are fast and responsive. More guests can use it in the same given time and guests wait less overall