Questions and Answers

A List of commonly asked questions

Great question! The short answer is top quality with leading value.

The long answer, there are many aspects that set us apart:
1. We use a high quality DSLR Camera and lens for quality images
2. We use lighting designed to enhance your beauty and looks
3. Your guest don’t have to wait as long for their prints, as we use one of the fastest sub dye printers available. (what is sub dye printing? Please see other question)
4. Our quality prints are designs to last. No drying, no smudging, or streaking of colours to worry about. The prints will stay looking great longer and they are more resistant against fading than with inkjet prints.
5. Our photo booth has been designed from the ground up, and been tested and refined. This means with engineering and photographic expertise, our photo booths are optimized to deliver quality results.
6. Our service and photo booths are fast and responsive. More guests can use it in the same given time and guests wait less overall

Our open-air style is flexible with how much space is needed. We can accommodate various layouts, but recommend an area around 2m x 2m and a height of 2m for guests to comfortably use and interact with our booth.

This option helps save you money when you want guests to stop using the photo booth for a certain period of time (say during speeches, a presentation, or dinner). We can put the photo booth into standby or idle so it doesn’t cause any distractions. This allows you to keep the good times rolling and use the active hours more effectively. You can have your cake and eat it too, figuratively and literally still have time to enjoy the photo booth afterwards.

The closed style is more traditional and it’s what you might see in malls or arcades. It usually has curtains or a structure that encloses around the guests. This offers more privacy but usually fits fewer people at a time.

The open-air style is more like a studio photo shoot with the backdrop and photo booth unit separated. This gives more space to move around and can fit more guests at a time. The open-air style shares the fun and invites guests to join in for a good time.

A sturdy location and an electrical outlet within 50′ is all we need (3 pin 120V up to 8 Amps).
That being said, if you want something backpack-able and battery powered for say a special promotion, give us a shout! We have some special custom options and the technology available.

Yes, we love the outdoors! We do however suggest a covered area to keep everyone happy and comfortable throughout the event.

Setup or clean up can be done in under 15 minutes or less if rushed, however we like to allocate at least 30 minutes before and after the scheduled rental time.

We sure can! We’re happy to set up an extra hour and a half earlier before the rental time. Any earlier and we’ll need to charge at the idle rate. Set up is quiet and discrete and usually not a distraction if it happens during the middle of an event.

In it’s packed state, quite easy! With a light and easily portable design, everything can be moved in a single trip either by two people or one person with a small cart!
In it’s set-up state, if there are a few hands available to help, it moves pretty easily.

Absolutely! Digital copies are included with all rentals. We’re happy to provide a free online gallery on request (private, password protected or public).

We stand by our prices so we can offer the best service and quality possible without compromises. We want you to have a great experience, so we use the best practices and don’t cut corners. We do however often offer promotional savings as well as educational and sponsorship deals for schools, institutions, organizations, and fundraisers.

The earlier the better to ensure availability! Please try to contact us at least 1-6 month in advance. Last minute requests are welcome, but we can’t guarantee availability.

We can create a unique print design for your event to match any style, look, or theme your event might have. We can update an example design or create an entirely new one for you. Feel free to tell us what style or look you would like or any specific text, graphics or logos to be included. Please give at least 2 weeks advance notice if you would like a custom design to allow for possible revisions.

Absolutely! Some design advice to help make a quality result:
1. Please use a resolution of 300dpi. For a 6″x4″ photo that should be 1800×1200 pixels
2. Please try to keep important text no smaller than 10pt size to be easily legible
3. Please keep important text or graphics at least 20 pixels (about 2mms) from the image boarders as this area may be cut off by the printer.
4. Please send us your design in a PNG format. (We accept jpegs and psd formats but prefer to avoid high compression or missing fonts/graphics)

It’s a printing process that can more easily produce natural-looking shades and color mixes because it sublimates or embeds colours into the paper. It does this by vaporizing solid inks directly into a gas into the paper. This results in a high-quality print that is more durable and more resistant against fading.

All online image galleries (private, password protected, and public) are available up to 1 year from the date of the event.

There is nothing to stop you in doing so! What we offer is a service that combines quality and convenience that is backed by experience and a commitment to ensuring your event goes smoothly. We take the burden away so you can enjoy your event. You don’t need to worry about any unexpected technical issues or gathering all the resources needed. Our photo booths are designed with input from professional photographers as well as engineers. We’ve worked out any potential problem and we have backups and procedures for the rare cases that things may go wrong.

Kids love using our photo booth! Pets and animals are welcome too! We are flexible and can change the height or angle of our photo booth to accommodate guests of various heights.

No problem! Send us an email, give us a call, or use our online form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

This is the printing option for the photobooth. We’ve changed our default offering to only digital copies with all photobooth rentals. By separating the printing option from our default option we are able to help save you money on certain tax exempt services and taxable goods.

This also merges with our previous double print option. Should you like to have two or more physical copies of each print from each use, you are welcome to add multiple Set Of Print options.